Hi and welcome to our website On this website you can read about our strategy for making a lot of money quickly. All the information is 100% free, we will never try to sell you anything and we have no affiliation with any of the companies we mention. (other than being happy clients).

60 minPlease note that the strategies that we are sharing on this website are for serious traders that are willing to put in the time to be able to make some serious money. It is a way to earn a lot of money quickly when the market is showing the right characteristics. It is not a strategy that you can jump into and use at any time and expect success. It will not make you rich in the next 60 minutes. It will teach the trader who understands the value of patient to maximize his or her profits under certain market conditions. These conditions can occur several times a day or several weeks a part.

Our system is built around maximizing the value of a market trend by using one of the most misunderstood financial instruments on the market. The binary option.

Maximizing profit with binary options

But wait, I can hear you say to yourself. Aren’t binary options a financial scam that is more similar to casino gaming than investing. While it is true that binary options have a bad reputation it is also true that most of that bad reputation is undeserved and caused by people who did not understand what they where doing. Binary options are when used correctly a very powerful tool that can help you boost your earnings. You need to know how to use them correctly. If you do not then they can be a bottomless pit that you throw your money into. You can learn more about binary options by visiting binaryoptions.net.

Binary options is a financial instrument that will cost 90% of all traders money. This is mainly because of the fact that they do not know how to trade with the options effectively. They do not know how to use the leverage they offer to quickly leverage large profits from small changes in the markets without the potentially large downside that many other leveraged products like CFD:s are associated with.

Your loss is limited to your investment when you are trading with binary options. It is true that your upside is limited as well but this can be overcome by using super short options and trading them in sequence. This allow you to make very large sums of money by riding a temporary trend in the market.

The mistake that most investors do is that they try to make money trading binary options instead of looking at binary options as one of many tools that they can use to earn money.

Binary options is a good tool to use to make money in certain market conditions. Other financial tools are more suitable to use under other market conditions. Using binary options exclusively when the market conditions are right is profitable, to try to trade regardless of the market conditions can be very expensive.

When to use binary options to make money

Shot binary options is an excellent tool to use to ride a strong trend in the market. If you use super short binary options you will be able to turn your money over at a very high rate moneyand you can make a lot of trades every hour. If you use 15 second options than it is often possible to make at least 10 trades a minuted, 600 trades an hour. Some of these will mature outside the money. A trend is never 100% in on direction but a large percentage of the trades will mature in the money and earn you a large total profit. This is especially true if you increase your investments as the trend continues.

It is very important that you stop trading before the trend dies. Do not try to milk every cent out of it. You risk getting caught when the trends turn which can result in large losses during the last few minutes of your trading session. This is especially true if you have increased the amount of money that you invest in each option during the trend.

Try to predict how long you think the trend will last and then stick to that assumption. Do not get tempted into believing that the trend is stronger then you first though and will last longer. At least not without taking your time to reanalyze the market in detail. You should  not be afraid to stop trading early if the trend seems to be loosing strength sooner than you thought.

Never be afraid to cash in and decide that you have earned enough on a particular trading session. You might leave money on the table but any trading session that you leave with a profit is a good session. Greed has been the downfall of more than one trader.

One method among many

We are not suggesting that you will be able to make a living using this trading method. It is not meant to be a way to make a living. It is supposed to be one tool in the tool belt of an accomplished trader. There can sometimes be months between strong trends that are trading robotssuitable to be traded in this way. If you try to do it in between those trends you might end up loosing large amounts of money. This is not a method for making money, it is a method that lets you take full advantage of strong trends when they do appear.

Using a trading robot

It is possible to super charge this trading method by using a trading robot. A trading robot will make it possible to buy a super-short option every second provided that you have an internet connection that is fast enough. This allows you to make a lot more trades and potentially earn a lot more money while you are trading a trend. Instead of 600 trades an hour you might be able to make 3600 trades an hour. This will give you a lot higher profit provided that the success rates remain the same (they usually will).

Should I use a trading robot? If you need to ask that question then the answer is no. A trading robot let you do a lot more transactions each minute but they also dramatically increases your risk while trading. If you are not familiar with robots than I recommend against using them in this way. If you want to start using them then it is better to start using them for trading with a lower frequency. Once you feel more comfortable with the robots and understand how they work you can make your own choice of whether to use them in this way or not.

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