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Short binary options are binary options with a short maturity. How short depends on the broker. Some brokers offer binary options with maturities that are as short as 15 seconds. These super short binary options are mainly based on currencies but can be based on other assets as well. We here at consider any binary option with a maturity of less than 06 minutes to be a short option.

short binary optionsShort options can be very profitable for the active trader that knows how to maximize the profits he makes when the market moves his way and by minimizing his looses when the market does not go his way. There are a number of different ways to do this. You can read more about those ways on our index page.

Where to trade short binary options

Most brokers offer a large selection of different short options. The main focus on the short options is usually the currency market. If you want to trade in short options based on another type of option then it is worth taking some extra time to compare different brokers to find the one that offer the largest selection of different options based on the asset you want to trade with.

Our strategies are developed to be used mainly with short options bases on currencies. We find that it is harder to find profit trading patterns in stocks, indices and commodities than it is in the currency market. There is nothing to prevent you from using our trading strategies to make a lot of money trading with other types of assets than those we choose to trade with. Chose to trade with whichever type of asset that you find easiest to predict.


Short binary options usually offer a lower pay rate than regular binary options. This is due to the fact that it is very much easier to predict the future in the short term than it is long term. The shorter the prediction the lower the risk that something unexpected will affect that market in an unpredictable way. It is a lot easier to predict how the market will move in the next 60 seconds than it is in the next 60 minutes. The return rate of the options have to reflect this if the broker is to be able to make a living. This also mean that you will need to have a lot higher success rate to make money with short options than you will with more longer binary options.

Short options require a different strategy than regular binary options do but can in our mind be the most profitable of all binary options.

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